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Plastic Surgery in South Africa has become increasingly popular, not only with the local market, but especially among the foreign market. This is due to the fantastic foreign exchange rates which makes having procedures performed in South Africa very affordable. Plastic surgery entails more than merely breast implants and face lifts. Most people do not realize that breast reduction and even liposuction is also still considered plastic surgery. Whether you might just be ridding yourself from excess fat or skin, you are still having work performed on yourself and it is thus an important decision to make and should be considered carefully. Dr Saul Braun is a leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon in South Africa, and performs all his procedures from the Rosebank clinic, an upmarket suburb of Johannesburg. With many years of experience, there is a large international demand for his high standards.


Plastic surgery in South Africa has been on the rise the past few years. Plastic surgery is in fact still surgery and can be dangerous. It is therefore wise to make absolutely sure to have the right doctor who will be performing to do the procedures with many years of experience in the field. Some procedures are so minor that no one else will notice it without you telling them. The important aspect of having plastic surgery is that it will make you feel better about one or more areas on your body as it will improve your appearance.


Plastic surgery can not only change the way you look, but how you feel about yourself too.  The biggest value of such an operation is the satisfaction and joy that usually comes with a successful procedure. Dr Braun is well known for his expertise in brow and forehead lift procedures, chin and cheek augmentation, ear correction surgery, and eyelid surgery and facelifts. In recent years with the advancements of technology, hair replacement and laser resurfacing of hands, face and necks have also increased in demand. Other very popular procedures on offer include tummy tucks, calf augmentation, liposuction, arm reduction and hyperhidrosis.

For plastic surgery in South Africa only accept the best, and let Dr Braun with you personally. Dr Braun performs all his procedures personally and his consulting rooms are just across from the Rosebank clinic. Visit for further information.


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Plastic Surgery in South Africa

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Plastic Surgery South Africa

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This article was published on 2010/09/16