Let the Dumbo Ear Disappear!

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If you feel tired of getting teased because of your big ears, which is most likely caused by a condition called "Dumbo ear effect," worry no more because it can now be fixed. Most plastic surgery clinics offer ear pinback procedure, which helps alleviate the ears' size back to normal.

The ear pinback procedure was designed to normalize Dumbo ears. This plastic surgery procedure involves two stages: the cartilage removal stage and the ear repositioning stage. In the cartilage removal stage, the plastic surgeon uses a special blade to get rid of the excess skin and cartilage at the rim of your ear. You will feel that your ear is being carved in the first stage. In the ear repositioning stage, the plastic surgeon uses a surgical needle and thread to situate your ears closer to the head. You will feel that your ear is stitched to your head in the second stage.

To prepare yourself for the ear pinback procedure, you should first have a session with a plastic surgeon. Describe to him/her in detail the kind of ears you want. If possible, bring a photograph of your ideal pair of ears. The plastic surgeon will also ask about you health condition. For you to undergo this surgical procedure, you should be a non-diabetic and a non-smoker. Your body should also be able to accept the required anesthesia.

Preparation for the procedure involves three activities: gathering of funds, shopping for food and medical supplies and preparing mentally. When you gather funds, consider that you are not only paying for the plastic surgery los angeles procedure. You need funds for insurance and medications as well. When shopping for food, avoid any sweets for these slow down the healing process. When shopping for medical supplies, get bandages, ointment, antibiotics and painkillers.

It's just apt to think positive thoughts prior the operation. Specifically, think of the life changes you will enjoy after the ear pinback procedure. Plastic surgery los angeles experts recommend this for it reduces panic attacks from occurring.

Aside from the Dumbo ear, there are other ear defects that plastic surgery los angeles can fix. Some examples are the cat's ear, cup ear, scroll ear and question mark ear. All ear procedures are done in a day and the recovery period lasts for two weeks.

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Let the Dumbo Ear Disappear!

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This article was published on 2011/07/29